Let Frog Hollow answer all of your sod and turfgrass questions.

Do you sell sod?


Do you sell frogs?


Do you sell top soil and/or mulch?

No, but we may be able to recommend someone in your area.

What kind of sod is good for shaded areas?

Turf type fescue is the most shade tolerant sod we sell; but it requires 5 hours of good sunlight per day to do well. If the area receives less sun exposure, we recommend seeding the area with either creeping red fescue, Chewings hard fescue, or Kentucky bluegrass (NOT Kentucky 31). If the shade is caused by trees, you may need to lime the area as trees leach lime from the soil.

Can I drown my sod?

It is virtually impossible. Sod requires a great deal of water to root down and to become established. Flooded areas that hold water may need to be drained in summer months as the sod will actually "boil" under these conditions.

Should I roll the sod after I install it?

No. Absolutely not. Rolling the sod only increases the stress on the plant. Properly installed sod edges should meet but not overlap; and sod should be saturated with water immediately. This eliminates the outdated practice of rolling the sod.

Why are there gaps between the rolls of sod in my lawn?

Your sod did not receive adequate water upon installation or shortly thereafter. Sod that is allowed to dry out while becoming established will shrink and create gaps between rolls.

Do I need to have my soil tested?

It is never a bad idea. Contact your county extension agent for information on soil testing. Please do not rely on DIY kits sold at the box stores.

Can I just lay the new sod over my thin existing grass?

We do not recommend doing so.

Should I water the area before putting down sod?

No. Trying to sod a wet area makes for a sloppy job. Footprints in mud, under sod are nothing but air pockets that jeopardize the ability of your sod to take root.

Does your sod have netting in it?

It depends on the variety of sod and the field in which we are harvesting. Please contact us for an accurate answer to this question.

What is your lead time?

That depends entirely on which services you require and weather conditions. Never assume that is too late to get sod. Please contact us. We will do our best to make sod happen for you.

How often do you have to replenish the top soil at your farm?

Fortunately, that is not an issue. While we have been producing sod for over twenty years, there are many farms that have been doing so for over fifty years. When sod is harvested many of the roots are left behind. These roots provide new organic matter for the soil. We also practice crop rotation so that no field is depleted of nutrients vital to growing healthy sod.

How is sod sold?

We sell sod by the square yard. One square yard is equal to nine square feet.

How big is each piece of sod; and how much does it weigh?

Each piece of our sod is normally 16" x 81". This may vary in order for us to be able to harvest the sod. We will tell you if we are harvesting shorter rolls. Each roll of sod weighs roughly 20 pounds. Please realize this weight can vary significantly with soil type and moisture content.

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