At Frog Hollow Sod Farm, your sod experience can be as hands on or off as you choose.

Farm Pick Up

You do the pick up and the installation.

This option is for the serious DIY-er, those who need very small quantities of sod, and for those working with a strict budget. Please see our DIY section for invour sod.
Please understand that sod is a living product. It cannot be harvested days in advance and stored (regardless of what you see at Lowe's and Home Depot) on site. Always contact us before driving out to the farm to pick up sod.

Check our DIY section


We deliver, you do the installation.

Delivery may be desirable if you require larger quantities of sod, or if you simply have no reasonable way to transport the sod yourself. Again, our DIY section provides details to help you make the decision between farm pick up or delivery. Please note that you will have to provide us with the quantity of sod needed and your specific location in order to for us to quote you a delivery price. Also, our sod is delivered on pallets. There is a deposit charged for each of these pallets and that deposit is completely refundable providing you return the pallets to our farm in the same condition in which you received them.

Check our DIY section